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As we age, our physical ability declines, and with it, our mental and cognitive abilities may also diminish. Memory is one of the most important parts of our cognitive function that is especially prone to decline. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork, Utah, we care about all of our residents’ cognitive function, and we want to help our residents preserve and even increase their cognitive ability. To aid our residents, we have the Dakim® Brainfitness™ system. Brainfitness™ is a software program easily accessed by a touchscreen.

It has been optimized with adjustable volume, large text, and clear instructions. Better yet it doesn’t require any computer skills! Brainfitness™ has been clinically proven to increase memory and language capabilities. Its thousands of exercises and games have been specifically designed for people over 75 years old to enjoy. It includes videos, graphics, cultural references, and even humor to increase enjoyability. How enjoyable is it? The numbers speak for themselves, residents in assisted living communities have finished over 5,000 sessions!

Each exercise targets specific cognitive abilities and will adjust the difficulty as a resident makes their way through the mental exercises. The Dakim® website,, says that you can think of the program “as a personal trainer for your brain.” Each Wednesday and Thursday we have Brainfitness™ time scheduled on our Bel Aire activities calendar, but it is available and easily accessible by any resident whenever they would like to use it. Our residents have fun challenging themselves and their friends. Here is what they have to say about Brainfitness™.

What our residents have to say

Cynda: “My favorite part is learning how to match the numbers. I like the competition. It has helped me a lot. When I first came here three years ago, it was hard to do it. Now I go right to it without any problems and do it perfectly.”

Beverly: “I like it. It’s kind of a brain thing you know? I got 90% on it yesterday. The days I play I do pretty well, and I use it quite a bit. I think it’s helped me quite a bit with different stuff.”

Connie: “I like the music and the movies. It’s a good way to pass the time.”

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