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Senior Safe Activities

What is a fun way that we can activate the brain, get the body moving, and get out of a boring routine? Activities! Even as children we all looked forward to activities. This applies to our elders as well. Everyone wants something to be excited about and to keep them busy for at least a little while. Activities are a great way to spice things up in everyone’s life. However, Our seniors can’t do as many activities as they once could. Here are some safe and fun activities you can do with your senior.

Arts & Craft

Engaging in arts and crafts like painting, drawing, knitting, or crafting can provide mental stimulation and a creative outlet. This can also be a way of meditation. It helps to put aside the outside thoughts and focus only on what is in front of you. This helps them to relax and be mindful. Make sure the materials are easy to handle and the craft suits the senior’s abilities.

Cooking or Baking

Simple cooking or baking projects can be enjoyable for seniors who have an interest in the kitchen or simply just in food. This is a way that they can learn something new and enjoy eating it too! Choose recipes that are easy to follow and involve minimal physical strain. 

Music & Singing

Listening to music or singing along to favorite tunes can be both entertaining and emotionally uplifting. Music therapy has been shown to have various positive effects on seniors. Studies have shown that any kind of music like songs on the radio or playing an instrument can stimulate certain parts of the brain to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow transmits nutrients and oxygen that help the brain function.


Plan safe outings to local museums, botanical gardens, or cultural events that are accessible and enjoyable for seniors. Make sure that there aren’t too many stairs or long walking distances when you plan these outings. We want them to enjoy their time out and about. We don’t want them to be too tired to want to go out again. 

Activities at Bel Aire

Here at Bel Aire we have activities every day of the week. Our residents go on many outings. They attend things such as family search centers (as well as doing it here in our facility at times), movie theaters, parks to have picnics, and more. They also are treated to live music at least once a week. They love to sing and some of them even dance! We also often play games. Everyone seems to like bingo the best.

We understand that activities can enrich people’s lives. We do our best to ensure that we always have a sufficient amount of activities for our residents.

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