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We Move Based on Need

Over the course of our ever changing lives, we move approximately 3 to 5 times due to the circumstances that arise. These moves are based on our need to accommodate things at specific times in our life. So what pushes us to make this move? We may be starting a family, relocating for work, or settling down to retire. For…

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The CNAs at Bel Aire

A Certified Nursing Assistant works alongside every aspect of an assisted living community. They are the backbone in everything that happens 24 hours a day when it comes to the residents that rely on their service. You may have a general idea of their job description but we want to enlighten you as to what goes on at Bel Aire…

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Common Causes of Memory Loss

You may begin to wonder what causes minor or significant memory loss as you reach a specific age. We notice cognitive limitations in older family members or friends and hope that we don’t have the same outcome as we get older. As for preventing memory loss, there are many things you can change in your daily life to decrease your…

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A Population at Risk

We make the assumption that our own family members can take better care of us than those at an assisted living community. What happens when family members reach their burn out point or where their own health prohibits them providing this needed care? Family Caregiver Alliance presents evidence that, “one-third of caregivers continue to provide intense care to others while…

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Each assisted living community expects to leave a great first impression on every family that comes to tour their building. So how do you leave such an important impression that helps a family make a big decision on where to move their loved ones? Answer: It’s how well you connect and address the main reasons why they are looking for…

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Healthy Food is Also Comfort Food

What makes the food service industry a big part of senior living? Well we take a look at our bodies, what we crave, but also what our bodies need to thrive and stay strong. Food service in senior living must be more specific than other non-health care industries in order to meet these needs. Before entering assisted living, many adults…

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The Pillars of Alzheimer’s Care

What sets a memory care community apart from another is their program and design, along with a flow of new ideas to do better. An article that was written by Susan Saldibar mentions the operations within Abe’s Garden Memory Care located in Nashville, Tennessee. They have reached a successful point in residency due to 6 pillars they have developed and…

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Leaving a Legacy

As we look back on our life experiences and belief systems, we start to wonder who else will look back on us and our history. Marelisa Fabrega from says, “What does it mean to leave a legacy? It means putting a stamp on the future, and making a contribution to future generations. People want to leave a legacy because…

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Annual Family Turkey Dinner

What is a better time of the year than the holidays? Families come together, we see people we haven’t seen in awhile, and we are finally surrounded by our kids and grandkids. At Bel Aire Senior Living we make the holidays a time to remember and we seek to bring family together after a long year. We decorate the halls…

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