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Caregiver Support Group

To begin this article we would first like to thank all those who are caring for their loved ones. We know the responsibility can be a lot to take on and we applaud you for your service to them. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living we hold a caregiver support group every second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. It is important to voice your feelings with others going through similar things. While in the group you can not only vent your feelings and concerns but also receive help to be the best caregiver you can be and also the best version of yourself while caring for another. Caregiving, especially during the holidays, can be particularly challenging for several reasons. 

Increased Responsibilities & Challenges 

The holiday season often comes with additional tasks such as decorating, cooking, and organizing family gatherings. This means more responsibilities on top of their usual caregiving duties. This can become very overwhelming instead of enjoyable like the holidays should be. However, for some, the holidays are already more of an emotional strain even without the extra task of caregiving. Holidays may bring up intense emotions both for the person receiving care and the caregiver. It can be a time of reflection, and the contrast between past traditions and current limitations due to health issues can be emotionally challenging. That is why it is especially important to get support during the holidays as well as year round. 

Isolation & Personal Time

Caregivers may feel isolated during the holidays, especially if they are unable to participate in festive events or if their caregiving responsibilities limit their social interactions. This sense of isolation can contribute to stress and feelings of loneliness. It can be quite the balancing act to balance the amount of your caregiving needs and your own personal needs and desires. The holiday season intensifies this struggle as they try to fulfill family and social obligations. You time is just as important as the time you care for them. If you’re not taking care of yourself you won’t be as equipped to care for others. This is a highly discussed topic in our support group. 

Physical & Emotional Health concerns

Cold weather and flu season can exacerbate health concerns for both caregivers and those receiving care. The added stress of the holidays may compromise the immune system and increase the risk of illness. Not only can your physical health suffer but also your emotional health this time of year. Holidays can be a time when feelings of grief and loss are heightened. Caregivers may be coping with the decline in health of a loved one or the loss of a family member, making the holidays a poignant time. We understand this and want to walk all those going through similar events through it. 


It is essential for caregivers to prioritize self care during this time, seek support from friends and family as well as our group, and be realistic about what they can manage. Additionally, fostering open communication with loved ones and acknowledging the challenges can help create a supportive environment. We hope you will join us January 11th at 7:30 pm here in American fork (1088 E 390 S) for our first support group of the new year.

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