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When Do We Know It’s Time?

We become hesitant when we think about putting our loved one into assisted living. They seem to be doing fine taking care of themselves and when we bring up the idea, we don’t want to face the truth. Our loved ones have cared for us our whole lives and we don’t want the roles reversed. However, it is inevitable to watch our loved ones grow old. What should we look for when it’s time to start looking for assisted living? And how will we also recognize those signs? We at Bel Aire Senior Living want to help! Here are some examples of these signs and questions to ask yourself in these situations.

  1. Unable to complete Activities of Daily Living

Are they having trouble completing simple daily activities such as; bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, brushing their teeth, or even taking their medication? 

  1. Recent accidents or close calls

Have they been having any accidents? Have they been falling? 

If there are any holes in the walls, scuff marks, or any additional bruises on your loved ones, they may have been having accidents.

  1. Noticeable weight loss/ gain

When a person is unable to take care of themselves nutritionally, it becomes evident. If they begin to gain weight, they may be eating TV dinners instead of cooking. If they are losing weight, it may mean they are forgetting to feed themselves or once again cannot cook for themselves.

  1. Change in hygiene

If you have noticed that your loved one’s hygiene routine is not the same, meaning they aren’t able to make it to the bathroom, or they have stopped bathing or brushing their teeth, it  could be cause for concern.

  1. Unopened mail

Is their mail piling up and unattended?

  1. Their driving ability

Are they able to operate their vehicle safely? Have they been driving or leaving the house as often as before?

  1. They don’t socialize like they used to and don’t leave the house regularly

Do they spend most of their day sleeping or watching TV? Do they still regularly visit their friends? Do they attend church or go to the store?

We all want our loved ones to receive the care and comfort they need to live a long and happy life and sometimes that means making the difficult choice of letting someone else care for our loved one. Please allow us here at Bel Aire to help you return to the role of a loved one and leave the role of caretaker to us.

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