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Annual Family Turkey Dinner

What is a better time of the year than the holidays? Families come together, we see people we haven’t seen in awhile, and we are finally surrounded by our kids and grandkids. At Bel Aire Senior Living we make the holidays a time to remember and we seek to bring family together after a long year. We decorate the halls with holiday decor, surrounded by color and scents to smell like fall. 

Today we have our annual family thanksgiving dinner. You can already smell the food being cooked and you can see the residents start to anticipate a joyful night with their family. All the talk throughout the day has been : What food are we having? How many pies will be served? And who all is coming? The cooks have been hard at work perfecting the turkey, mixing the stuffing, and so much more. Our activities assistant is decorating the dining room, setting the place mats and aligning the silverware. The food will finally be served, we will savor the taste of each bite and we will be honored with live music and laughter as we take it all in. 

The night will come to a close as we say farewell to the guests and give last minute hugs to our family members. We will be overjoyed and thankful for the time spent together and will eagerly await the celebration next year. The decorations will stay up for a few more days, reminding us of the memories and time well spent as we look back on the food, laughter and music that brought us together for a short time, and most importantly, being with the ones we love!

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