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Moving to Assisted Living : How to Make The Resident Transition Easier

At Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork, we encourage the transition for a new resident to be smooth and very welcoming. But how do we make it easier for the prospective resident as they embark to a new living environment. 

  1. Planning ahead and finding the right place will give the family a peace of mind when passing the role of caregiver to a facility. Tour many places and ask specific questions to find a place that will fit your senior, and you, the best.
  2. Taking the prospective residents concerns into account and begin by relieving them. We should find out what makes them anxious and start by setting expectations for the facility on what our resident requires. They must provide reassurances and assure that their needs will be met. The facility will be taking on an important person and we will rely on their efforts. 
  3. Help the resident to get acclimated with the facility by attending activities and meals before moving in, if the facility allows. They can begin to form relationships with others early on and it will provide an understanding of what to expect within the community and its daily activity. 
  4. We encourage bringing along mom or dads furniture and belongings rather than relying on the facility to provide it. We want it to feel like home for them. And they will feel a sense of composure knowing that their furniture and belongings come along with the resident because it reflects who they are, what they love and their life experiences. 

We hope this information can be helpful to prepare for this change and that it is a smooth transition for the family and the senior. 

If you have further questions or would like to find out more of what our facility has to offer give us a call or email at any time. We will get back to you with plenty of information to get you started. 

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