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Can Technology Help Us?

Though the pandemic, our society has had to lean into technology for a lot of different things. People of all ages have had to learn how to use technology in order to keep in contact with loved ones, pick up groceries, and have things shipped to their home. This has been overwhelming for a lot of our seniors who have never had the need to learn these skills.

In assisted living, we have had to use many types of technology. This pandemic forced us to open our minds to some new changes in senior living homes. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living, we have new screening survey technology on our Ipad to check in visitors or home health companies, we have had zoom meetings for staff and family, and we have also been able to show our seniors how to use certain software applications to stay in touch with friends and family as well. This enabled our seniors stay vitally connected to their family and friends. Being able to zoom call a family member or be in attendance for a family event through zoom as well has kept their spirits up in a time of uncertainty and lockdown. Especially for those residents that have dementia and Alzhiemer’s disease or other cognitive impairment that may confuse them or hinder their understanding of the pandemic. 

Though the pandemic has lightened, this has still been a great learning opportunity for us. We have been able to ease seniors into using technology which has helped them keep in touch with family more often and overall improved their happiness. Another thing that has improved happiness is our Dakim Brain Fitness System©. It is an easy to use touch screen computer that has all sorts of games and trivia questions designed to keep our seniors’ brains active and thinking. 

Sometimes we may find ourselves feeling too involved on our phones or on social media and other distracting elements of technology, but it’s important to remember the good things technology has to offer as well. We are so grateful for the world’s advancements in technology and for the help it has provided during these disruptive times.

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