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What is Home Health?

Here at Bel Aire Senior Living, we have a load of Home Health and Hospice companies that you have chosen to help us take care of your loved ones. We thought it was about time we talked a bit about their service and what it means to be a part of home health and hospice. This time will be mainly focused on Home Health.

One of the home health and hospice companies we work with is Dignity. They tell us that “home health brings care to those who are homebound due to recovering from injury, illness, surgery and other medical conditions.”. Their goal “is to help our patients improve their health and regain their independence.”. To have a specific person designated to help your loved one can be so comforting. Even when you know you already have that constant help nearby when needed. 

We are so lucky to have and work with the companies that we do in order to give your loved one everything they need to improve their quality of living. To receive home health is based on a physician’s orders. When they feel it necessary for home health, they will schedule a time to visit with you and get it all worked out. Most companies accept a variety of insurance as well.

Here at Bel Aire we are determined to give your loved one’s what they need as they adjust to their new styles of living and enjoy them as well.

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