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The Difference Between Assisted Living and Family Care.

When does it become apparent that family care can only do so much for our elders? And when does it exceed the abilities of our family caregivers? The difference between assisted living and family care is that professional care takes on those daily tasks that seniors rely on for support. Assisted living provides more activities of daily living care, that a family caregiver may not know of or understand in regards to qualifications and skills. Not only are they educated and trained but they are often more likely to understand a change in the seniors behavior or can catch a certain health issue before it becomes apparent or progresses. They also understand the various stages of care that a senior will need throughout the aging process. 

There are benefits to family care such as: family connection and comfortability, but assisted living can also provide these important qualities of home life. Bel Aire Senior Living strives to create a family community among our residents and maintain comfort for all. It allows our seniors to get up and get to know people their own age. Assisted living provides more opportunities for being active physically and in building new relationships that keeps our seniors vibrant. In a nutshell, Assisted Living takes the stress off our family members and helps increase the overall care for our elders. We can provide a nurturing environment for your loved ones. We look forward to hearing from you soon to introduce you to our facility and show you what we have to offer.

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