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Decorating Your Loved Ones Assisted Living Room

Oftentimes moving into assisted living can be very difficult. It’s a new and now needed way of living. In order to help your loved one feel at home, and also relaxed about the new environment, we would recommend helping them decorate. Decorating is not often thought of when thinking “How can I make them feel more comfortable here?” However, decorating an elderly loved one’s new assisted living room can help make their space feel like home. Here are some tips to consider when decorating their room:

Personal touches

Bring familiar items from their former home, such as family photos, artwork, or cherished possessions. These personal touches can create a sense of comfort and familiarity. Include their schedule in the decor. This is also called “functional Decorating.” Decorate with items that serve a purpose. Things like clocks, calendars, or bulletin boards to help them keep track of time, appointments, and important information. This will keep them organized and aware of things they have going on in their day to day life.  

Safety Features

Here at Bel Aire we have safety features already included in rooms. Such as, handrails in the bathroom, call pendants and pull cords to get help from our staff, and a wheel in/ walk in shower. Some safety features that may be helpful to bring would be things like non-slip shower mats, organizers to keep clutter put away that could cause tripping, raised toilet seats, shower chairs, and whatever else would best suit their needs. Also, ensure that the room is arranged for easy navigation and accessibility, keeping in mind any mobility issues or equipment they may use, like a walker or wheelchair. be sure to not have rugs or other decor that could be another tripping hazard. 

Create a relaxation space

Consider setting up a small reading nook or a designated area for their hobbies and interests. This can help them stay engaged and feel more at home. It also helps to choose soothing and calming colors that promote a sense of relaxation when picking out things like fabrics and frames. Soft blues, greens, or neutral tones can be appealing. Avoid overly bright or busy patterns. Invest in comfortable and supportive furniture, including a cozy chair or recliner. Make sure it’s easy for them to get in and out of the furniture without assistance.

Regular maintenance

Visit the room periodically to make sure it remains comfortable and safe for your loved one. Our housekeepers also ensure the safety of our residents by keeping things put away and clean. Not only within their rooms but also throughout the whole building. That way you don’t need to worry about them tripping or slipping on anything as they walk around the building getting to meals and activities. 


Remember that every individual’s needs and preferences are unique. Take your loved one’s specific requirements into account when decorating their assisted living room to create a space that is not only safe but also comfortable and emotionally comforting. We will always do our absolute best to ensure that your loved one feels comfortable and safe here. 

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