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5 Ways to Show Love to Those in Assisted Living

Welcome to love month! Here at Bel Aire Senior Living we are very excited to be celebrating Valentine’s day this month. Because we know the importance of making sure our residents feel loved, we wanted to share the importance of showing love to all assisted living facilities. 

Make Valentines

It doesn’t always need to take much to make someone’s day. Try making a simple Valentines card with a thoughtful or encouraging note. You can even encourage friends, family, or community members to write letters or create cards with uplifting messages. Handwritten notes can be a personal and meaningful way to show love. This is also just a fun activity to do with others as you craft these Valentines and think of kind words to uplift someone else. 

Visit with the Residents

Our residents are always welcoming to visitors. They love to be able to sit and talk with someone; to tell their story and hear the stories of others. Especially if you know someone in assisted living, spend time with them regularly. Simply being present and engaging in conversations can make a significant difference in their emotional well-being. Seeing a familiar face can brighten their day more than one might think. 

Volunteer/ Share Your Talent 

There are always opportunities to volunteer and even share your talents at facilities. Offer your time to assist with activities, outings, or events. Here at Bel Aire we have activities going on everyday and extra help is always appreciated. It is even looked forward to by our residents. They love meeting new people! Your presence and involvement can make a positive impact on the overall atmosphere. You can also volunteer your talents such as art, music, storytelling, etc. Live performances can bring joy and excitement to the residents. 


Assisted living will always accept donations! Some facilities might even post their needs for you to see. It can help us to organize themed celebrations for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries. They could also be used to create personalized gifts for each resident such as photo albums, or items that reflect their hobbies and interests. These things may seem small but truly do mean so much to our residents and make them feel loved.

Bel Aire is grateful to be a part of the assisted living community. We are so thankful for the part we play in taking care of the older generations. Anything that we can do to help the community get involved in reaching out to our residents is rewarding and appreciated.

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