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No Need to Fear Aging!

Today we thought we would share some fun statistics and facts about getting older! Usually, the thought of aging scares people and makes them uncomfortable. Instead of fearing it, we should embrace it and expect to enjoy certain perks. Working at Bel Aire Senior Living and talking with all the residents here, it is clear that a lot of them have more fun than I do, even at my young age. They often are more honest and more open with communication and they see things differently than you or I.

To start off this list is the fact that the world will have more people who live to see their 80’s or 90’s than ever before! That means that you and your family/entourage have a greater chance of growing old together and experiencing life in a whole new light. How exciting! Here are some reasons why.

Human brains do not fully develop until the age of 25! That’s obviously not senior citizen age, but it’s proof that we, as humans, are like wine- we get better with time.

  • Your “second phase of childhood” begins at age 25…so right as your brain finishes it’s development! Adulthood, in looking at lifespan development, does not technically begin until between the ages of 32 and 36.
  • The slower response times of older adults to “cold turkey” questioning (which means asking questions without an introduction to a memory) comes from the huge amount of data and information they are paging through in their brains. If you pose your questions in a multiple choice way, (“Is the dress red, pink, or green?” or “Was your coffee hot, cold, or room temperature?”) you will get a faster response time! Older and much-older adults are quite busy checking their databases!
  • Exercise is the closest thing to an anti-aging pill that exists. People who are physically fit, eat a healthy balanced diet, and take nutritional supplements can measure out to be 10-20 years biologically younger than their chronological age.
  • Reported in a 1990 issue of science magazine. If heart disease, cancer, and diabetes were eliminated, the life expectancy for both men and women would leap to 99.2 years. Scientists worldwide are working hard to figure out the cures to these dangerous diseases, so cross your fingers for a breakthrough!
  • You sweat less! While your underarms aren’t completely dry, the sweat glands there shrink significantly. Think of all the money you’ll save in not buying deodorant!
  • Your teeth become less sensitive. Not because you have less of them, but because of the dentin build up! Dentin is the inner hard tissue that forms between your tooth enamel and nerves.
  • You catch fewer colds. Nice perk, right? By the time you’re middle-aged you’ve been exposed to countless types of germs, which actually makes your immune system stronger and less prone to cave when you’re re-exposed to a bad germ.
  • If you’re female, you can kiss those nasty migraines goodbye….most likely. One of the upsides of menopause, ladies and gentlemen, is that it leaves your hormones low; Low hormones mean no more hormonal migraines.

There you have it, folks…some fun facts about growing old and all that jazz. See? It’s not that bad. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to stick around for old age! I look up to my grandparents for how strong they let their lives’ trials make them. They have so much to offer if we give them the chance! Buckle up and get ready for what could be the best years of your life.

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