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A Population at Risk

We make the assumption that our own family members can take better care of us than those at an assisted living community. What happens when family members reach their burn out point or where their own health prohibits them providing this needed care? Family Caregiver Alliance presents evidence that, “one-third of caregivers continue to provide intense care to others while suffering from poor health themselves.” For caregivers, not only is this issue preventing proper care but they provide unpaid assistance to adults with disabilities or declining health and functionality. It is estimated by Family Caregiver Alliance, that the cost of this unpaid labor is $306 billion annually, making it double the cost of home health, assisted living, and nursing care. These volunteers are receiving no financial support and are most likely ill-prepared and uneducated when it comes to senior health. Unfortunately, this increases health care costs and lowers the quality of life for both the caregiver and care receivers. Over the years, we have observed that a family caregiver and care receiver experience stress, depression, and anxiety due to a lack of personal care burdened by the other. There is a population of 44 million Americans that are at risk for caregiver poor health and death due to the burden. 

Here at Bel Aire, a large reason why people place a family member in our care community is due to their own health concerns and the stress of other obligations that require their attention. They want their family member to receive proper care while being assisted to by a professional caregiver that is educated and trained on every task. When you move your loved one into assisted living, nothing gets missed or overlooked because they receive around the clock support. Our certified nursing assistants are focused on providing quality care, and a goal to relieve stress and anxiety from both the family and the resident. We hope this information was helpful and provided some information on why professional care is the right choice when it comes to caring for your family member. 

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