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Healthy Food is Also Comfort Food

What makes the food service industry a big part of senior living? Well we take a look at our bodies, what we crave, but also what our bodies need to thrive and stay strong. Food service in senior living must be more specific than other non-health care industries in order to meet these needs. Before entering assisted living, many adults over the age of 60 experience food insecurity due to underlying health issues and mobility challenges that prevent them from receiving the proper amount of nutritional intake. has spoken out about this issue, “Feeding America addresses the unique challenges of senior food insecurity through interventions that consider the diverse health needs, mobility and transportation barriers, physical limitations, and dietary restrictions and preferences of older adults” (i Ziliak, J.P. & Gundersen, C). 

We at Bel Aire have a full team that works to lessen the issue of malnutrition in our residents by implementing a large variety of nourishment in our meals. Our Food Service Manager sits down monthly with our residents to research different foods and their nutritional value as well as food selections that satisfy the residents desires. Not only do we find ways to make food enjoyable, but we also take the requests from our residents on their favorites and preferences. At Bel Aire, our residents play a big part in the meal planning process, as we hope to strengthen their bodies, minds and hearts.

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