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Independent Living vs Assisted Living

A common question we receive  is about the difference between independent living and assisted living. Four tenants of AL are freedom of choice, independence, dignity, and quality of life. Assisted living communities like Bel Aire, support those who need assistance with activities of daily living, while allowing residents to live as independently as possible. 

Here are some other ways independent and assisted living differ:

Medical and Supportive Care

Typically, independent living facilities don’t offer these services. In assisted living, staff provide residents with assistance in daily activities. At Bel Aire, staff members and a registered nurse are always on call for your convenience and safety. Other medical professionals come into AL facilities to provide needed services through home health or hospice services as well as dentistry and doctor groups.

Community Design

Independent living communities may be designed as multiple buildings spread out on large campuses, with a central gathering area for programming and meals. Spaces, including apartments/cottages, may be larger and there is often greater distance to travel between buildings (either by foot or by car).

Assisted living facilities like Bel Aire,  often have a smaller footprint and are more self-contained. Most of the resident’s needs are provided right in the assisted living building. At Bel Aire, This also includes a Memory Care wing where those suffering with dementia can receive the extra care that they need in a safe and secure environment. 

Assisted living communities offer more hours of activities per day. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of key similarities and differences between independent and assisted living:

 Independent LivingAssisted Living
CostEntrance fees plus monthly feeRental-based, all inclusive at Bel Aire
Medical & Activities of Daily LivingArranged by residentCNAs/Medical Technicians on call with a press of a button 24/7/365, Facility Nurse, etc.
Community DesignCommon spaces and amenities are more spread outAmenities are centrally located for greater accessibility
Family InvolvementEncouraged to visitMore active role and an integral part of the team
Amenities and ServicesCommon areas, private apartments/residencesCommon areas, private apartments, and dining options. All meals included.
ProgrammingCalendar with some activities. Robust calendar, typically with more hours of programming with more of a personal touch for the residents.

Interested in Exploring Your Options?

Bel Aire Senior Living offers assisted living services and memory care services depending on your level of needed care. You can be as independent as you like in assisted living, but you won’t have to worry about your meals, laundry, housekeeping,  if you have a fall, or need extra help.

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