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How UltraViolet Rays Can Be Healthy For Seniors

Upon the start of winter, we keep the doors closed and the blinds shut. We then crank up the heat to keep the chill off our bones. The sun is hidden behind the clouds and evening comes earlier than anticipated. But have we thought about how it then determines a lack of vitamin D for our senior citizens during this time. Fiona Wright says “Vitamin D has a causal role in calcium and phosphate metabolism, in skeletal health” and that “Low serum vitamin D levels correlate with increased morbidity and mortality” (Risks and benefits of UV radiation in older people: More of a friend than a foe?). Keeping the older community out of the sun will increase the aging process and allow for seasonal depression and other physical health to decline. 

It is essential to implement a response to this change in weather by allowing our seniors to receive vitamin D in an alternative way. Some options to implement would be: Supplement intake, car rides, opening the blinds, consume fatty fish, other seafood, egg yolk and other fortified foods. At Bel Aire Senior Living we continue to embrace the sun year round for our residents by implementing activities outside and indoors. They take part in scenic drives and walking clubs to get them out and into the sun for a healthy amount of time. 

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