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Healthy Aging

Do seniors get enough exercise? Physical activity needs to be a priority in all assisted living residences and here is why. It is so important to keep our blood pumping and our muscles active. If we aren’t moving enough, our muscles can atrophy and eventually we will decline because of it. Physical activity extends vitality and strength. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living, we have a variety of different activities that involve physical activity. We do chair boxing, walking club, gardening, dancing, and we even have a machine called the Lifetime Vibe that helps with blood circulation and joint pain reduction through vibration. 

As we keep ourselves physically fit, we become stronger and healthier. We find that our endurance increases, and cognitive ability is maintained. When our residents are active, they find it easier to walk, they gain more balance, and they have more energy to socialize as well. As you can see, this will obviously increase the quality of living and extend vitality overall.

Human life expectancy has significantly increased in the last few decades. Due to new medication and knowledge to heal our minds and bodies, we are now expected to live into our 80’s compared to our 60’s. We need to learn what to do with the amount of time we have gained. We need to make the most of it by keeping our body’s as healthy as we can by socializing and getting the right exercise. This is how we age healthily.

We want to do right by our residents and make sure they are getting the exercise needed to extend their vitality and high quality of living! We encourage you to implement some of these ideas and see if your senior improves their quality of life.

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