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National Assisted Living Week

Week of Celebration in the Lives of our Wonderful Seniors  

This week we celebrate National Assisted Living Week (NALW)! Every Assisted living center in America is celebrating and raising awareness about the importance of nursing homes and the role they play in caring for the elderly population. NALW was created by The National Center For Assisted Living in 1995 to honor the staff, residents, and family of Assisted Living Centers. This special week is crucial in educating the community about what assisted living really is. It opens doors to family, friends, neighbors, and allows misconceptions to be cleared.

Celebration occurs through various activities and events. Care communities put on many different, fun, and inclusive activities  to help rekindle family relationships, forge new friendships with community members, and promote mutual understanding. This year’s national theme is “Reflection.” Every community applies this theme in their own way. Here is what we did at Bel Aire Senior Living with the theme “Reflection.”

Monday we reflected on giving. In honor of that day, September eleventh, we did a service project for our local firefighters. We made them all goody bags stuffed with lifesavers, Slim Jims, and flamin hot peanuts. When our staff member took them to our local station they absolutely loved them! 

Tuesday we reflected on the past. Our facility was transformed to the wild west and we reflected on the old cowboy times. Our residents enjoyed the cowboy themed games and other activities we had as the day went on. 

Wednesday we reflected on music. We were serenaded by Legends Music who came in. They all sang along and some even got up and danced. It’s amazing the side of the residents we see when one of their old favorites is played. 

Today we reflect on the last days of summer. We played Luau bingo and enjoyed a day with staff in luau apparel and tropical decor all around. 

Tomorrow we will be reflecting on family. We have invited each resident’s family to a barbeque for dinner. We will have live music, yard games, face paint, and more. We do this all to celebrate our residents’ families and build stronger relationships with them. 

We have loved this year’s theme! It has been great to have our residents and staff reflected on different aspects of life. We have all enjoyed it so much. Come and join us for next year’s National Assisted Living Week!

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