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BRING OUT THE POPCORN FOR ! Bel Aire Senior Living’s Car Show & BBQ SEPT. 12. 2019 – 4 PM – 8:30 PM Please come grab some delicious barbecue, celebrate our residents, enjoy live music, and admire antique cars during National Assisted Living Week. JUST SOME DETAILS During National Assisted Living Week we hope to celebrate not just with our residents, BUT their families and our thriving community. Antique Car Show Barbecue & Drinks Live Entertainment Activities for kids & all ages Popcorn & FUN prizes for everyone! Bel Aire Senior Living 1088 E. 390 S. American Fork, UT, 84003 We look forward to seeing everyone for this spectacular event!.

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How Our CNA’s Play a Key role.

Staff, Staff, Staff.    At Bel Aire, we know caregivers soon become like family instead of just “another employee.” However, let’s go back to the first step, the “hiring process.”  Now with a highly competitive job market you could easily search, assisted living facilities or hiring CNAs. Many employers have other tricks up their sleeve, instead of just promoting hiring…

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Is Your Glass Half Empty? Or Half full?

Is Your Glass Half Empty, or Half Full?   As a person ages, they are less likely to retain healthy water levels in their system, as well as having a decrease in thirst sensation.  Because of these phenomena, our senior population is more susceptible to dehydration. We are all familiar with the 8X8 rule – drink 8, 8 ounce glasses…

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