Navigating the Internet in this day and age can feel like running in place; you can’t get anywhere. Surrounded by hundreds of website names, useless information, and phony facts, finding useful places to answer day to day questions for seniors is a difficult task, that’s why we decided to make a list of our top 10 websites for senior citizens.

  1. AARP® Official Site – Join & Explore the Benefits – This popular organization has tons of useful articles and videos designed for aging adults. For helpful tips and important news, peruse their headlines on the homepage of their website. 
  2. – Cooking, crafts, and funny posts are abundant on the Pinterest website. This social media site lists thousands of popular ideas tailored to the user. It’s easy to use, and a great resource for finding fun, creative solutions to boredom. 
  3. – Technology can be confusing and frustrating, but no need to fear! This website is tailored for older adults who need help navigating the web.  
  4.  Free Family History and Genealogy Records — FamilySearch … – This church-run website was rated by The Wall Street Journal to be the number one genealogy site for everyone, regardless of religion. Family Search is a fantastic tool for creating a family tree and learning about your ancestors. 
  5. –  This website is a wonderful resource for keeping up with investment news. 
  6. –  Find hundreds of resources on health, housing, health care, and finances on Senior Living. This website offers valuable resources for any question or concern regarding the aging process. 
  7. – This page takes you to the senior section of the American Optometrist Association. It lists common eye issues for seniors, and ways to prevent further eye damage. 
  8. Google – No helpful website list would be complete without listing this indispensable search engine. Virtually any question can be answered using this popular website. 
  9. – Hospice organizations can be a hassle to find, but by using this website the process is made easy. The website also offers answers to frequently asked questions about hospice care, and resources for grief. 
  10. Bel Aire Senior Living – 24/7 Assisted Living Services – Last but most definitely not least, our very own website posts weekly on our blog. We provide helpful articles for the aging adult and answer questions about senior living services. Feel free to explore our website for more information!

In this technology ridden world keeping up with the times can be stressful. We, at Bel Aire, believe it’s important to provide our senior’s with the resources they need to stay informed. We love our tech-savvy seniors!


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