The Unknown Positive Effects of Vitamin D

With COVID-19 still sweeping the nation, supplies run low. Masks, hand sanitizer, and vitamin C supplements run low in stores around the world. Everyone is still scrambling to gather these products in order to ‘fend off’ the coronavirus in their own homes. 

The general populace is looking to various news sources for more information on how to keep themselves healthy and kill the virus, despite much of the information given being conflicting and contradictory. A popular new theory involves the benefits of being in sunlight; how the strong UV rays can be a quick solution to killing the virus. This information can be confusing considering the adamant assertion by local media to stay inside, making time in the sun a much more daunting task. Despite the risk of leaving the safety of your home during quarantine, I would like to divulge some of the benefits of sunlight that extend beyond the coronavirus-killing nature of ultraviolet rays; mainly vitamin D. 

Vitamin D has many known impressive qualities and benefits. Getting healthy amounts of vitamin D daily can result in stronger bones, reduced depression, and increased weight loss. What some people don’t know, are the positive effects of vitamin D on your respiratory health. In an article by D.A. Hughes and R. Norton-professors of pharmacy and food research- they cite the improvements on health that vitamin D caused in various clinical trials, more specifically, in respiratory diseases. They note how vitamin D is capable of lessening pulmonary inflammation, while increasing the body’s defense against harmful respiratory pathogens. They also note how population-based studies have shown a higher level of improved lung-function in those who have higher exposure or consumption of vitamin D. 

So what does this all mean? In short, it means that vitamin D can have tremendous positive effects on the human body, specifically the respiratory system. Considering the current state of the world-the pandemic, the quarantine, the fear- this information could be beneficial when we remember that COVID-19 itself is a respiratory disease, making vitamin D an important tool in combating illness. 

As a senior living community, a place full of the most vulnerable population to COVID-19, we have been on constant lookout for helpful ways to keep our seniors healthy. After recommendation from various health professionals and research, we have increased our encouragement to our residents to go outside and spend time in the sun. We have asked that any outsiders stay away from our property so that we can allow our residents to soak up sunlight, even during a lockdown. This encouragement has allowed our residents to receive the recommended amounts of vitamin D, and keep COVID-19 out of our community.  Now that we have seen firsthand the benefits of vitamin D, we recommend utilizing this method of fighting the virus; social distance, but go outside, spend time outdoors, and get some sunlight. 

For more information on how Bel Aire Senior Living is fighting coronavirus, call (801)763-0622.

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