Say “No” to Coronavirus, and Any Other Virus, For That Matter

Following the recent outbreak of coronavirus, our facility has implemented new precautionary measures to keep our residents’ environment cleaner, healthier, and happier. As far as we know, Coronavirus does not generally have any lasting effects on young individuals, however, it can be potentially fatal for anyone over the age of 60. For this reason we have made the decision to take certain security measures in our building such as not allowing any visitors into our facility other than our staff and needed medical personnel. 

Now that our doors have been closed to everyone but staff and residents, we have stressed the need for consistent cleaning of every high-touch surface throughout our buildings. We have been using this method of daily disinfecting on each shift for years,(especially during the cold and flu seasons from October through April) and have seen the health of our residents improve when it is being done consistently. Light switches, door knobs, handrails, keyboards and desks, elevator rails and control panels, and chair arms where possible are wiped down with disinfectant every shift by our hardworking CNA staff and management team. Because of the frequent sanitation of our facility, we have been able to avoid catching not only COVID-19 but flu and colds as well, achieving our goal of protecting our community from illness. 

On top of our routine disinfecting, we have our housekeeping crew join our ranks every morning and night to deep clean the resident’s rooms, sanitize the common areas, and disinfect the bathrooms. Our staff also is encouraged, first and foremost to wash their hands between resident visits, and use hand sanitizer whenever they are able in between hand washings. With hand sanitizer being in high demand in the stores and online, we have even had staff members find hand sanitizer recipes and make their own!  So far, even this year, our crusade on diligently disinfecting our environment has been effective in keeping the Coronavirus and other illnesses far away from our building’s walls and our residents (knock on wood!!). We encourage other senior living operations throughout the world to do their own version of Bel Aire Senior Living’s “no, no, no, no Corona!”.


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