As an assisted living facility, we at Bel Aire understand the stress and confusion that can accompany the search for a good assisted living residence that the senior can call home. People from all walks of life come in for tours, assessments, and advice with varying methods for weeding out facilities that are not desirable, but often get caught up in the stress of the situation. They forget what questions to ask, skip over areas that they would normally focus on, and altogether just hope that whatever facility they choose will care for their loved ones as much as they do. We, as a facility, understand the difficulty of the process and would like to assist by providing a list of things to look for while touring a senior living community. 

Does the CNA staff seem friendly?

This may be a bit hard to determine depending on whether or not the CNA staff are busy helping a resident during your visit, but if given the opportunity, try talking with one about the facility. Ask them what they like about their job. Notice if they know the residents by name. Overall, friendly and hardworking CNA’s make all the difference in the experience your elderly loved ones will have at a facility. 

Are the meals visually appealing and appetizing to look at?

A study done by the Crossmodal Research Library at the University of Oxford shows that the more appetizing and colorful a dish is, the better it seems to taste. Just observing the dishes at a senior living facility serves as a helpful way to tell whether or not the meals are enjoyable, without actually sitting down and consuming the food. Ask if you can sample the food if a meal is being served at the time. 

Is the environment clean? 

Generally, when a facility keeps the common areas clean they keep the resident rooms clean as well and vice versa. Notice if it smells nice; an assisted living facility must work hard to keep the facility smelling nice despite the brief changes and messes that occur daily, and can be a good sign that they are working hard to maintain a healthy environment for their residents. A clean facility could equal a healthier, happier home for your loved one.

Do the residents react well to interactions with the staff?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the staff regularly tries to connect with the people living there, or if they are just putting on a show. It can feel fake or forced to see them interact while you are there searching for a place for your family member. A good way to tell if the comradery is real is to watch the residents’ reactions when CNA staff or management interacts with the seniors. Do they seem happy, excited, or relieved to see them? Or are they stressed, confused, or distant? 

In addition to this list of things to look for, we have provided a list of 10 questions to ask when looking for senior living, to help you narrow down your search. This list can be found on our blog at When people visit our community we strive to answer every question about senior living you may have and even provide our guests with a packet of resources to help them decipher what kind of care will be best for their loved ones. Call our number (801)763-0622 to get answers from experts and schedule a tour


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