Staff, Staff, Staff. 


At Bel Aire, we know caregivers soon become like family instead of just “another employee.” However, let’s go back to the first step, the “hiring process.”  Now with a highly competitive job market you could easily search, assisted living facilities or hiring CNAs. Many employers have other tricks up their sleeve, instead of just promoting hiring ads, because there is a battle ensuing for lower tier healthcare employees. Many job promotions seem to make working in assisted living facilities sound almost boring. Where larger companies such as Google or Facebook are receiving nearly 50,000 resumes daily, and their ads make work sound like fun


With tens of thousands of applicants, you could imagine there being barely or no hiring struggle. At Bel Aire Senior Living, we have a system. We know that to have an amazing assisted living residence with amenities and fun for our residents’ family members, a key to our success is that we need to have amazing people working here, and our CNAs are those key people.


 At Bel Aire we do our best to make sure the staff is recognized and feel that they are a main part of our successes.  With four time and a half paid holidays, free meals, and a collegial atmosphere, we make our assisted living residence the best place for everyone – residents, visitors, and employees alike.


Now, with more accommodating state rules put into place in Utah, you are now able to apply for a Caregiving job without a CNA certification. Don’t panic if you already have your CNA Certification!  We love those who have additional training and skill sets to act as mentors and leads to those with less caregiving experience.


Here at Bel Aire we can’t wait to meet and hire all these caring and amazing hardworker’s that only want the best for our residents! With every opportunity to become better in the most rewarding field around. 

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