As a senior care facility, we strive to alleviate the stress of our families, so they can enjoy time spent with their elderly loved ones in our care. From all-inclusive pricing, to 24 hr care, we have implemented many changes to put our resident’s families at ease. One of our more effective methods for easing the burden of caregiving from the shoulders of our communities’ loved ones, comes from our choice to use mobile doctors. This may come as a surprise to some, as mobile physicians rarely come to mind when thinking of ways to promote peaceful family relationships. Through research and suggestions we have found that mobile doctors provide services to our residents that can lift the stress of caregiving from a family’s shoulders. provides a helpful list of the positives of mobile physician help including:

  • Mobile physicians help you contain costs and leverage quality care.  Less or no more trips to the doctors’ offices!
  • Mobile physicians may be a part of a group of different types of medical specialists who are capable of offering a variety of common diagnostic tests and some treatments, outside of surgery. Mobile physicians may come equipped with allied healthcare personnel when necessary.
  • Teams may perform lab work, x-rays, EKG’s and a host of other tests that may otherwise require multiple visits to doctors’ offices and lab facilities.
  • House call docs may be more likely to know when to integrate durable medical supplies, even without communication from the senior. These supplies may limit caregiver demands and allow for up-to-minute monitoring of changes, which may regularly be required in senior years. Durable medical supplies include, but are not limited to: communication computers, equipment to assist with daily living activities, remote vital sign alert devices and oversight monitoring.
  • Since the senior’s mental status is often much better at home when compared to other places, mobile physicians may have the opportunity to make a more accurate evaluation of needs and the visit may be more pleasant to the senior overall.
  • Mobile physicians understand medical constraints and may enlighten you about senior care options that enhance access to care.
  • Mobile physicians may be familiar with up-to-date benefits and services that may be available to provide seniors with formal caregiver assistance, such as, physical therapy, nutrition, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, and adult day care center providers.
  • Mobile physicians often recognize urgent care needs and may respond quickly.
  • Mobile physicians offer flexible scheduling, no out of home wait times, reduce the need to leave the house and may contain costs associated with transport.
  • Mobile physicians may be available for short or long-term care needs.

On top of the various reasons for mobile physician care listed above, we have also found that the burden of transportation to and from doctors appointments can become too much to bear for the families of our residents, making mobile doctors groups the best option for our community. 

We, at Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork, understand the stress and worry that often comes from caregiving. That’s why we have invited three doctors groups to join our ranks, giving our residents options for their caregiving, and relieving stress from their family members. 

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