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Holiday Cheer


Merry Christmas to all! As this really strange and troubling year comes to a close, it is important to think about all of the good that has come from this year as well. We can choose to bring and keep the Christmas spirit among us. We can listen to those perfect tunes and sing along with glee. We can remember how important service and charity are. Here at Bel Aire, we are grateful to be spending this time with your loved ones that double as our amazing residents. We are so grateful that everyone has remained healthy through this pandemic ( knock on wood). We have been COVID free and that is a miracle that we sincerely appreciate.

Our home is decorated with poinsettias and beautiful Christmas trees, bringing us back to our childhood memories of this season and brightening our faces with a smile. There are still plenty of wonderful memories to come. Our residents have had a blast this Christmas and through these other holidays. With the vaccine becoming available to us shortly, we are looking forward to the changes in visitation and overall socialization. We are making the best of what we have and we are continuing to spread this holiday cheer within our Bel Aire home.

 Even though this time has been extremely difficult for many of us, there is so much light and love in the crisp, December air. Let us do our best to come out of this together and stronger than ever. Be safe and happy holidays!

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