We all remember the horrors of cafeteria food from our early education. The soggy rolls, half covered in gravy made from the mystery meat that never seemed fully cooked. Often, when assisting those trying to find a senior living residence, I have found that the quality and taste of food is one of the biggest resident concerns. No one wants to eat cold, cafeteria food for every meal. Luckily, the residents at our facility don’t have to! 

Here at Bel Aire we provide home-cooked meals that are prepared by our kitchen staff and food services director. Using the Grove Menus System™, every meal is designed to keep our residents healthy and happy, with nutritious meals tailored for each resident and their specific dietary needs. Reduced-fat, low-calorie, high-fiber and low-sodium choices that have been approved by our dietitian combined with selections of classic favorites, regional dishes, and resident-suggested dishes give our residents the comfort of home-cooked meals. 

We provide three meals a day and snacks every afternoon. We also have a hydration program to keep our residents from suffering the effects of dehydration such as dizziness, UTIs, and falls. 

We often get asked; what happens if the residents don’t like a meal served that day? Are the only options to be forced to eat it or not eat at all? Our answer is simple – absolutely not! We provide an alternate menu every day for residents who let us know that they dislike the scheduled meal. Our food service and CNA staff here at Bel Aire Senior Living work hard to give the residents the best dining experience possible so they are healthy, happy, and feel completely at home.

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