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Drink in These Helpful Tips on Hydration for Seniors!

With spring here and summer around the corner, there will be a lot of adventures in the warm weather. We have some helpful tips to keep our beloved seniors hydrated! 

Put drinking more water at the top of your list. The more you think about drinking water, the more it becomes a natural response. When you wake up, grab a glass of water. When you reach your destination, grab a glass of water, when you have a meal, grab a glass of water and so forth. Another good tip is to try to make drinking water fun! Find ways to enjoy drinking water. Get a nice water bottle. Make goals. A third tip is to also enjoy fruits and vegetables. There is a lot of water in our fruits and veggies so we should take advantage of nature’s sweets and treats to get extra hydrated. There are lots of other helpful tips you can find in Senior Living Source. Click the embedded link to read more.

Here at Bel Aire Senior Living, we know it’s very important to drink water all of the time. Staying hydrated prevents dehydration, UTIs, dizziness and other possible infections. Each of our residents has a mug of water with them at all times and we refill it with water and ice multiple times a day. We encourage our residents to take a few sips every time we see them. It is vital that we remind and help our seniors to stay on top of their hydration game. It becomes difficult to remember to drink water, especially when  you aren’t always thirsty. 

We have noticed a huge difference over the years while using this program and have seen a wonderful change in our seniors leaving us with overall healthier and happier residents!


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