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What is a CNA?

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant. They are trained to assist with a person’s daily living activities, understand resident rights, communicate effectively, operate with legal and ethical behavior, and work as a health care team member. They are our primary caregivers at Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork, Utah. Our CNAs are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week caring for our residents. They help with bathing and daily hygiene routines, dressing, serving meals, medication distribution, and help with housekeeping in resident rooms. CNAs spend more time with our residents than anyone else! Not only do they have some of the closest bonds with residents, but they also have one of the largest impacts on resident health. They are usually the first to spot changes in residents’ overall condition and behaviors.

Who do the CNAs report to?

Our CNAs report to our Resident Care Coordinator, Brooklyn, who is responsible for overseeing the quality of care for each resident. Our Resident Care Coordinator is also responsible for continuous training and mentoring of each CNA. She is on the floor many times each day offering guidance, whether it is for a more efficient medication pass or improving caregiving skills. Our CNAs are crucial to our success. We do our best to show how much we care for them at every opportunity!

National CNA Appreciation Week in June is full of CNA recognition and appreciation. Another way we celebrate our CNAs is “Kudos Cards.” Each card is an opportunity for our employees to recognize one another for going above and beyond. Each piece of praise is posted where everyone can see it. After getting multiple Kudos Cards, they become eligible for prizes! This gives our CNAs ways to recognize each other when excellence might otherwise go unnoticed.

CNAs at Bel Aire

At Bel Aire Senior Living we are always striving to raise our standards of care. We have monthly staff meetings with all CNAs where we discuss each resident and their needs, along with any other concerns our staff has, in an attempt to raise our care standards continually. The input from our meetings helps us raise those standards, and helps us make sure everyone is working together to achieve our goals. Our mission statement is “Defining Excellence in Assisted Living.” This is something we endeavor to do each day, and would not be able to accomplish without our fantastic CNAs.

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