10 questions to ask Assisted Living Facilities

Here at Bel Aire Senior Living, we want to help you make educated decisions about senior care. Visit our blog for more tips on caregiving. Keep reading for our top ten questions to ask when searching for Assisted Living.

What are the standards of care?

Needing more care is often a catalyst for a move to Assisted Living. While touring, be conscious of how attentive staff are to residents. Do they call residents by name? If possible, meet with a care director and ask them about their standards of care and how they stand out from other facilities.

What levels of care does the facility provide?

Different facilities provide different levels of care. At Bel Aire Senior Living in American Fork we provide Type 1 and Type 2 care, along with a secure Memory Care Wing. Some facilities only provide Type 1 care, meaning that your loved one will not be able to age in place and they may need to move again later.

What kinds of activities does the facility offer?

It is important for activities to be varied and engaging. Look for different games and activities, as well as celebrations, outings, movies, etc. Another thing to keep in mind is how social your loved one is. Ice cream socials may be more important than scenic drives or vice versa for your loved one.

Do they have any services offered by third parties?

These services can include help with selling a home before move in, a visiting doctor or dentist group to minimize unnecessary travel, an in house beauty salon, or other amenities.

How are dining services run? Where is the food prepared?

Is the dining room open 24/7 or are there specific meal times? Are snacks and cold water offered throughout the day? Is the food prepared from scratch in the kitchen on site or is it premade and delivered? Knowing the quality and variety of food is important. Make sure to ask for a menu to look at.

Does the facility offer help in applying for Veterans and other benefits? Do they accept the New Choice Waiver?

At first glance the price tag for Assisted Living can be a shock. Many families worry about how they will pay for housing, medical care, and other costs of living. For many looking to offset the cost of Assisted Living there are options like Veteran’s Benefits, New Choice Waiver, as well as other state or federal waivers and grants.  Often facilities have experience applying for these benefits and are happy to help you in the process.

What would the monthly cost be?

Price is often a determining factor in the decision to move to Assisted Living. Make sure you have all of the details. Ask which services are included in the monthly price and which services come at an extra cost. Examples include 2 hour CNA checks, medication management, housekeeping, laundry, etc. Typically all-inclusive prices are easier to plan and budget for.

Why should my loved one come here?

Have the facility tell you how they are different and what they do well. Does this match with what you are looking for? Does what they are saying match what you have seen so far?

Let us know how these questions work for you in your search! Also, remember to read our blog for more caregiving tips and information about senior care here.

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