The Perfect Pie

Keystone Technologies has given five strategies to improve assisted living facilities. We would like to explore a few of their strategies.  Our favorites are nurturing staff relationships and developing resident relationships.

Is it just about the care we give? No, but the care we give comes from processes within the facility. We need to be a well-oiled machine to give the proper care to meet our residents’ needs. We have to make sure that each staff member and resident is emotionally well.

We nurture our relationships with our residents, yes, but we also need to nurture our relationships with each other. When every member of the team is happy and engaged, we create an unbreakable bond of healthy care giving. It is very important that we keep our staff happy so that they keep their strong connections with the residents. With higher staff turnover from COVID disruptions, it’s difficult for residents to keep strong human connections. All the cutting edge technology in the world cannot make up for a lack of good old fashioned friendliness. This plan is what turns our facility into a home. It makes what is referred to as work, something we are happy to do because of the relationships built here. This is what makes us different. 

Through the many disruptions going on in the lives of our residents, we still keep their home as normal as possible. Residents are free to move around and socialize, participate in activities, go on van rides, and have fairly normal lifestyles. In conjunction, the staff are happy to take whatever health precautions are necessary because they love the residents. It is vital that our residents also connect with each other. Through this hard time of quarantine and safety restrictions, residents still need to be socializing and physically exercising.  In fact, it is imperative for their mental and emotional health that they do. Here at Bel Aire Senior Living, we made the decision early on during the pandemic to lock out people from our building and outdoor grounds, instead of forcing our residents to be tucked away in their rooms, instead, they get to experience activities and strengthening their friendships. What we all need most through this pandemic is human interaction, so why should that be any different in a senior living residence?

Good communication and healthy connections equal happy people and a healthy environment. When you add all of these ingredients and mix them all together, you can have the perfect, homey, environment. You can bake the perfect pie.

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