Thankful Hearts

For this post, we wanted to brag about our residents in the interest of this thankful season. We have been so blessed for our facility to have been free of the virus during this time of pandemic (knock on wood). We have been very cautious while still allowing our residents their freedom, which is wonderful. Our residents and their families have been so patient with us and with all of the frustration of constant rule and mandate changes. And, we are so lucky to have healthy residents.  Thank you so much to everyone affected by this.

 Not only are we virus free, but we wanted to share that our residents are amazing. They are a great and hilarious family and we love them dearly.  Our residents are often found helping and worrying about the wellbeing of each other and the staff as well.  Here at Bel Aire in American Fork, Utah, we get to know each of our residents personally. As for today, and as the other holidays approach us, we are so thankful to get to spend time during the holidays with our residents. Their generous families give us holidays, as well as all of the other days, the honor to spend time with their loved ones on these special e other days of the year. Though times are hard right now, and visitation is limited, we want it to be known how important the residents and their families are to us. We take precious care of these most important people to their families, and make sure they are living a high quality lifestyle. It is important, especially now, to recognize that the holidays have changed for all of us. These are times when we are to spread joy and cheer, yet the virus makes that difficult, but we are not giving up. Though everything is constantly changing around us, we maintain the love we give to one another in our assisted living community.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Bel Aire Senior Living!!

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