New Year!

We made it! This crazy, eventful, mess of a year is now behind us! We now have this new year ahead of us and a lot of hope that comes with it. A lot of changes are coming about. Here at Bel Aire we hope that these changes are for the better! Plans for the vaccine are falling into place and we hope to have better family visitation policies. As we craft what this new year will look like for each of us and create our resolutions, let’s continue to be thankful for the lessons we have learned this past year. 

We have learned of our priorities and how important our loved ones are to us. We have learned how to navigate a very difficult time and now feel that we are prepared to overcome anything thrown our way. We learned the importance of socialization and how to enhance it for our residents. We found time and made it possible to have performers and visitors come. Whether it was through a window or behind a barrier, we have been doing everything in our power to push through these barriers and keep their lives as normal and happy as possible.

 We, as a world, have also learned to be more conscious about what we do outside of work. Are we being safe and sanitary? Though there may not be anything as easily passed as the coronavirus, we still need to keep a similar and precautionary urgency going forward. This virus has reminded us to value our safety and value others as well. I think it is also vital to hold close all of the family and friend connections that we have. We have realized the importance of our relationships with others.

Our challenge is to remember the positive things we have learned and carry them into this new year, It’s all up to us. Happy New Year to all!

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