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Oral infection and periodontal disease are more common in seniors. They need more quality time and attention from a dentist.

Undiagnosed or untreated conditions can lead to heart disease, cancer, stroke, pneumonia and diabetes. Getting your loved one to the dentist can take up to a half a day or full day away from work or other activities. Our dentists specialize in working with seniors and seniors suffering from dementia related diseases like Alzheimer’s. They can provide the comfort your loved one needs without the disruption of leaving Bel Aire Senior Living. Unlike mobile dental vans or trailers, our equipment is so portable we can set up right inside an assisted living facility.  Most any procedure performed in a traditional dental practice can be performed right on site at the assisted living center. Services we provide include: Cleanings and Periodontal Therapy Dentures X-Rays Fillings Crowns Bridges Extractions Root Canals. Learn more at their website.

Benefits of working with us

  • Our dentists come to you or your loved one.
  • You save hours driving to and waiting in dental offices.
  • You or your loved one gets more time and attention from our mobile dentists.

Getting your loved one to the dentist can often involve a half a day a way from work or other activities. Also, most dental offices are so busy it is difficult for them to spend the time with your parent or loved one that they need. Dental care for seniors with memory related conditions can be even trickier.  Our dentists specialize in working with patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  They understand the unique challenges your loved one faces and are trained to provide the comfort they need. At Time to Smile quality time is important! Because we come to your loved one at Bel Aire Senior Living, you can save the time and frustration involved with dental visits. In addition our dentists spend on average 3 times more one-on-one time with their patients as a traditional dentist.




We require payment at time of treatment for exams and x-rays. If further treatment is required we take credit card, check, ACH (electronic bank draft) or you can apply for financing with our financing partner, SimplePay.

SimplePay requires only a social security number, valid ID, active checking account and a proof of income. Many forms of income qualify including social security. No credit check is required and they provide interest free financing.  You pay just $39 enrollment fee and $4 per month transaction fee.

If you are interested in paying with SimplePay contact us at or call our site coordinator at 801-893-0791.


We have portable equipment which is brought inside to the patient. This includes a portable dental exam chair, a digital x-ray system, and a portable operatory system.


Yes, we waive all home-visit fees for assisted living and skilled nursing or similar facilities.


We are an out-of-network provider and therefore are not associated or “in network” or a “preferred provider” with any particular dental insurance carrier.  Therefore we can not know how much or even if the company can be reimbursed. There are many insurance plans in the US and they all vary to a degree on how much they will reimburse for procedures.  Your dental insurance policy is a contract between you and them and we can not act as an intermediary except for providing them with the necessary dental claim form and associated information.


We provide you with the necessary information regarding your treatment for you to file your claim with your insurance provider.  This is not in lieu of payment to Time to Smile.


We do work with Medicaid patients who have spend downs.  If you are unsure if you have a spend down contact us to obtain a Medicaid release form and we will call your case worker and find out. Medicare does not currently cover any general dental procedures.


Yes, we have a low power digital x-ray system which allows for immediate viewing on a laptop.


We come out to most of our facilities on a quarterly basis. However, we are happy to make additional visits as needed in between these regular visits.


We generally send out postcards before all regular quarterly visits. Some facilities prefer to email or call their residents and/or families before our visits.


Please contact us immediately at our regular office number. If you are an existing patient of record, we can usually get back with you on the same day. If we have not seen you before, we will contact you as soon as possible to make arrangements.  We can usually see new patients with emergencies within in a few days.


We have found with our elderly clientele, that many can not remain comfortable for the time needed to do an exam and then a cleaning. So, we do exams on one day, then return with our hygienist for cleanings on a separate day.




Dr. Joshua Smith, DMD

Dr. Smith is a Utah native, raised in Sandy. He studied medical biology and received a B. A. degree from the University of Utah. He then attended the University of Louisville and there received his DMD degree.

Dr. Kip J. Jones, DDS

Dr. Kip was born and raised  in Utah.  He received his bachelors degree at Utah State University and attended dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Kip also attended a one year Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Chanci Oyler, RDH – Hygienist

Chanci graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene in 2008 from Weber State University and has over 10 years of dental experience. She loves being a hygienist because she gets to know her patients.

Sabrina Hubbard – Site Coordinator

Sabrina works closely with the facilities where Time To Smile provides dental services. She personally visits all the assisted living and skilled nursing facilities where we operate as well as coordinating our private in-home visits.




2940 W. Maple Loop Dr. Ste L4-D
Lehi, UT 84043

Even though they are located in Lehi, you can schedule an appointment to meet with them directly in our Bel Aire Facility in American Fork.


(801) 893-0791


(801) 855-7304