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Holiday Attractions With Elderly Loved Ones

As Christmas is approaching quite quickly, you may be feeling time slip away to enjoy some of the many holiday attractions with your elderly loved ones. While some events such as the Festival of Trees are over with for the season, others are still going on for you to...

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Elderly

With Christmas being only 14 days away, it can be stressful thinking of the perfect present to get your elderly loved one. Below, we have listed some gift ideas for them. 1. Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches These are great for taking up time and keeping their...

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Don’t Leave Empty-Handed

A Simple Introdction to Assisted Living: Discover if Assisted Living is the RIGTH Answer for you, your loved one or your friend. Download our Free E-Book now.

Listen To Our Interview

Want to learn about Assisted Living? Listen to this interview with Steve Sabins owner of Bel Aire Senior Living & past president of Utah Assisted Living Association.

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